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Every house has an occasion when guests show up unannounced. Here’s a quick and an easy to marinate barbecue recipe that is tasty and mouth-watering.

What you need is a broiler weighing about 750grams to 850 grams. This much weight is ideal because if the chicken is bigger it tends to remain half-cooked from inside and burns from the exterior.

Cut the chicken into four pieces and give the pieces neat cuts with a sharp stainless steel knife. Take a handful of ginger, garlic and onions and grind them in a mixer properly. Take a muslin cloth and squeeze their juice onto the chicken. Apply some curd as part of the marinade.
Take some salt and apply on the chicken and leave the chicken marinating for at least twelve hours.

Before you start the barbecue spread freshly ground pepper on the chicken for a distinct flavour. Place the chicken pieces on the barbecue ensuring moderate heat. Keep tossing the chicken pieces from time to time.

Apply a little oil at least once on both the sides of the chicken pieces to ensure that the chicken doesn’t go dry. After about fifteen minutes pierce the chicken pieces with a fork to check whether they are done. Chicken pieces can be cut to smaller size per requirement.

Squeeze lemon before serving.