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Cherry Cake Recipe

12oz Gelatin, cherry or you can choose any favor you like.

¾ Quarts of Boiling Water

2 Cups of Cold Water

2 ½ Pounds of Lemon Cake Mix

10 oz Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix or you can choose what ever favor you like best.

1 Quart Cold Milk

8 oz Whipped Topping

Red Food Coloring


1. Dissolve Gelatin in Boiling Water. Mix Very well, then add Cold Water. Set aside at room Temperature.

2. Mix and Bake Cake according to instructions, in Greased sheet pan.

3. Poke deep holes through warm cake. Slowly pour Gelatin mixture into holes.

4. Refrigerate Cake while fixing topping.

5. In a chilled deep bowl, blend in whipped topping, instant pudding, and milk mix until stiff.

6. Frost cake.

7. Refrigerate until time to serve

Serves 25