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Makes 1 bottle of each variety


For the French Provincial Vinegar:

olive oil
4 cloves elephant garlic, halved
4 fresh sprigs thyme, crushed
3 sprigs basil, shredded

For the Lemon and Lime Vinegar:

white wine vinegar
thin strips of rind of 1 lemon thin
strips of rind of 1 lime

For the Tarragon Vinegar:

olive oil
10 fresh tarragon leaves

For the Rosemary and Chive Vinegar:

red wine vinegar
4 sprigs rosemary
5 chive leaves, halved


For all the vinegars, combine all ingredients specified for each variety. Bottle in specially bought bottles or old glass wine bottles. Cork bottles if possible; if not, use screw top bottles instead.

Allow vinegars to stand on a window ledge in a sunny position. The warmth will speed up the process of fermenting and enhance the mixing of flavors. Sit unopened for 2 weeks, shaking the bottles every 3 days to ensure proper blending of flavors.

Homemade vinegars can be stored in a cool, dry, dark place for up to two months. Use as vinaigrettes or in cooking recipes.