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If you've ever watched a child struggle to eat a full-sized sandwich, you've probably been witness to the train wreck that situation can become. Little hands simply can't hang onto an awkward sandwich--filling squeezes out the sides, the bread rips and tears, and there's a big mess to be cleaned up. Here are a few tips to make sure that the sandwiches get into your children, and not all over your house!

Make Triangle Sandwiches:
This shape is simple to do. First, cut the sandwich in half diagonally. Next, cut these pieces in half. Four small, interestingly shaped sandwiches are much easier to eat, and more fun, too!

Try Mini Squares:
Cut the sandwich in half; then cut those pieces in half. This isn't as exciting as the triangles but definitely easier to manage than an entire sandwich.

Sandwich Strips:
Take your child's favorite sandwich, trim away the crust, and slice the sandwich into thin strips.

Filling Tips:
If your child is a bologna or ham fan, cut the meat into bite-size pieces, then fold into a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard. You can even chop up pickles or olives to add to the blend. This makes a yummy sandwich spread that is less likely to fall out of the sandwich than an entire slice of floppy bologna or ham.