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Create a double boiler. Get a large frying pan, fill it half way
with water. Put the heat on high till the water is boiling then turn it down to medium-high. Take a pot and place it in the frying pan with the boiling water. Make sure no water gets in the pot.

Get a bag of good quality semi-sweet (one 12 oz bag) chocolate the morsels, that kind you use to make chocolate chip cookies. Put them in the pot. Turn the heat down if the water is splattering too much. Heat until all the morsels are melted. Remove from heat.

In a large clean mixing bowl have 16 oz of heavy whipping cream. Not whipped cream that comes in a can, heavy cream comes in a paper carton, like milk.

Slowly stir in the melted chocolate, stir constantly. Get parfait glasses or wine glasses will do, and drop some cool whip at the bottom.
Take your speed mixer or blender and whip the heavy cream and melted chocolate morsels for 2 minutes.

Layer chocolate mousse and whipped cream or cool whip into your glasses. Voila!