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Birthday cakes are fun, without a doubt. For small children cupcakes are even better. Turn the cupcakes into cupcake cones, and you’ll have a treat every mother you know will want to copy.

Start by preparing your favorite cake batter. Either use your favorite homemade cake or be a cheater and use a box cake mix.

Spoon batter into flat bottomed ice cream cone cups. Fill them to about one inch from the top. Put each cone into a muffin tin. A big baking sheet will work, too, but the cones can turn over. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let them cool.

Once again, either prepared your favorite frosting or use a can of store bought chocolate frosting. When the cupcake cones are fully cooled, frost each cupcake cone. Add sprinkles or treats to the top of each for an extra surprise. Any flavor frosting will work, but these are called chocolate frosted birthday cones.

For the birthday cake effect, candles can be added to the center of each cup for the “cake” look with the cones on a large platter.