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You’ve had traditional basil pesto, and you’ve probably tried others that have come into vogue in recent years, like dried tomato pesto or cilantro pesto. Chipotle pesto, in my opinion as well as anybody who’s every tried mine, is the best, most mouth-watering there is. People often think it must be difficult to make since it tastes so good, but it is just about as easy as making traditional pesto. You’ll find yourself wanting to eat it off of a spoon!

Chipotle are dried, smoked jalopeno peppers. If you live in the southwestern United States it should be fairly easy to find where you find dried peppers in the vegetable section of the grocery store. Or you might try gourmet food stores, health food stores, or Latin-American markets.


4-5 chipotle peppers
1/3 cup cooking oil (you might find olive oil to be too strong a flavor for this pesto)
½ cup parmesan cheese
½ cup pine nuts or walnuts (walnuts or less expensive and taste just fine)
1-2 cloves of garlic

Remove stems and seeds from chipotles. Next, gently boil them in water for re-hydration. Remove and cool. Crush garlic or chop into tiny pieces.
In a blender, combine cooking oil and garlic. Let sit for fifteen minutes so that oil has a chance to soak the flavor of the garlic.
Add chipotles and blend until smooth. Next, add nuts slowly and blend. More oil may be necessary to allow the nuts to blend to the consistency that you want them.
Spoon this mixture into a bowl and stir in parmesan.
The parmesan should be salty enough, but you may find that you need to add a little salt.

Voila! This is great with french bread or tortilla chips, or as is on a spoon!