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Grilled cheese sandwiches have long been a favorite accompaniment to soups, as well as easy, filling meals all by themselves. American cheese is the usual filling for these toasty treats, but how would you like to try a delicious new twist on that old favorite? Give tangy cheddar cheese a whirl! Here's a simple recipe.


Two slices of white or wheat bread
Medium to thick slices of cheddar cheese
Butter or margarine, or your favorite brand of pan coating spray


1. If using butter or margarine, smear one side of each slice of bread, taking care to cover out to the edges. (If using a pan coating spray, skip this step.)

2. Place one slice of bread, coated side down, into a skillet over medium heat.

3. Carefully place sliced cheese on bread, making sure cheese reaches the edges of the bread.

4. Place second slice of bread on top, with the coated side facing up.

5. Watch the edges of the sandwich. When the cheese looks to be melting slightly, carefully flip the sandwich over with a large spatula. When both sides of sandwich are golden brown and the cheese is melted, remove from pan onto plate.