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All Ingredients Required: For Serving Of Six

1-40-oz can light red kidney beans
1-30-oz can light red kidney beans
4-cans of 10+3/4-oz campbells tomato soup
1-60-oz can tomato juice
2-15-oz cans whole tomatoes
5-tbsp chili powder
2-large onions-sliced quarterly
1-medium size package of hamburger meat
salt+pepper to taste

Directions: Bring out a large skillet, brown hamburger meat until well-done, drain off the excess fat into a strainer. Bring out a large soup pot, add all above ingredients into the large soup pot, then add the hamburger meat. Set temperature on top of stove to medium, stir until really well mixed. Put lid on top of pot, let cook for forty minutes stirring occasionally. The chili is then ready to eat. Make your favorite bisquits to go with this delicious chili, or use the frito scoops corn chips to dip into this old fashioned recipe of chili. I declare this chili to be the best around, for it was my grandmother's recipe.