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Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup

2 Pounds of Ground Beef
1oz Chopped Onion
1 ½ oz Margarine
1 ½ oz All Purpose Flour
¼ Gallon Beef Stock
½ Teaspoon of Salt
1/8 Teaspoon of Pepper
¼ Pound of Fresh Diced Carrots
½ Cup of Chopped Cabbage
1/8 pound of Chopped Celery
1 pound of frozen Mixed Vegetables
½ cup Canned Diced Tomatoes

1. Brown meat. Drain off fat.
2. Add onions and cook until tender.
3. Melt Margarine and stir in Flour. Cook 10 Minutes.
4. Add Beef Stock and seasonings, Stirring constantly. Cook until mixture boils and has thickened. Add browned meat and onions.
5. Cook Carrots and Celery until barely tender. Drain ( Vegetables should be crunchy)
6. Cook Mixed Vegetables until partially done.
7. Add with other Vegetables to the Soup. Stir carefully to blend.
8. Add tomatoes. Heat to serving temperature.