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Wouldn't it be great to come home from work and pop a home cooked meal from the freezer into the oven that has already been cooked? This article will describe how to cook three dinners in less than an hour. Click here to start writing.

What do you need for this exercise?

1. A 5-7 pound package of hamburger (estimated amount for a family of four) or ground chuck depending on your family size.

2. One can of your favorite sloppy joe sauce

3. One pack of taco seasoning (any brand)

4. One green pepper

5. Two onions

6. One box of breadcrumbs

7. Various different seasonings (your favorites) mine are: garlic powder, basil, parsley, onion powder, salt, and pepper.

8. 4 eggs

9. One box of breadcrumbs

10. One jar of your favorite tomato pasta sauce

Now what do I do?

Put half of the meat into a large skillet. Brown the meant and drain it well. Separate it into three different pans.

· In the first pan, put the taco seasoning mix over the browned hamburger and add the recommended amount of water. Put this on medium low heat and then go to the next pound of hamburger.
· In the second pan of hamburger, pour the can of sloppy joe sauce. Simmer this on medium-low heat for around five minutes. While you are waiting for this to finish, go on to the other pan of meat.
· In the last pan of meat, add a tsp. of basil, 1/4 tsp. of oregano, 1 tsp. of parsley, 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder, and 1/2 tsp. of onion powder to the meat. Cook this on medium-low heat for a few minutes.

After you have the sloppy joes, taco meat, and seasoned meat done; it is time to move on to the next step.

What do I do with all of this meat?

1. After the three pans of various mixtures look done, take them off the stove to cool. After they cool, take the sloppy joes and taco meat. Place these items in the freezer.

2. Take the seasoned meat mixture and add 3 cups of your favorite tomato sauce. After simmering for 10 minutes, cool. This is meat sauce can be placed in the freezer for use later on pasta.

3. Now move back to the raw hamburger or ground chuck. Take this mixture and add the eggs, the same seasonings that you added to the seasoned meat mixture, and 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs.

4. Mix this very well. Put HALF of this loaf of meat into a pan for baking. Set the other half aside.

5. Before baking or even freezing, mix 1/2 cup of peppers and onions in the mixture.

6. After this, cover it with 1 cup of your favorite spaghetti sauce and then add 1/4 cup of water. This tasty meatloaf can be frozen before or after baking for 1 1/2 hrs at 350 degrees.

7. With the other half, make balls by rolling a silver-dollar size clump of the mixture. These are meatballs. Freeze these either before or after frying them in 1/4 cup of your favorite oil.

8. Let's take inventory. We should have one meal of sloppy joes, one taco meat meal ready for tacos or nachos, one Italian meatloaf, meat sauce for topping pasta, and meatballs for either sub sandwiches or topping pasta for still another meal.

These are five different meals in less than one hour. I suggest serving them with a salad, garlic bread, buns, or other suitable vegetables and pasta. This will give you a head start for next week.