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Did you know that coffee is an herb? A very strong herb that is a stimulant, diaphoretic, laxative and diuretic. But you can make your own herbal coffee and avoid real coffee’s harmful effects.

Dandelion and chicory root is often used for this purpose with delicious results. So to make a coffee beverage at home from dandelion and/or chicory root, gather young, tender roots in the spring. Wash them well and dry them. Then spread them in a Pyrex pan, and roast them whole in a slow, 180 degree F oven from one to four hours, until they are thoroughly dry. Turn them several times. Allow the roots to cool at room temperature. Then you can grind the roots and store them in jars. Or store them whole, and grind them as you use them. You brew the roots as you would real coffee. If you grind them real fine, you can use them as you would instant coffee.

Another excellent coffee beverage is made by mixing: 5 parts roasted chicory or dandelion root, 2 parts holy-thistle root, 1 part sarsaparilla root, I part Irish moss, 1 part ginseng root, 1/2 part licorice root, 1/2 part dried orange peel, 1 part carob powder.

Grind all the ingredients together the same coarseness as coffee for brewing the method you prefer. If you don’t like the licorice taste, you may substitute powdered malt in its place.

All the ingredients mentioned are available in dry form in herbal shops.

This beverage can be consumed with a little milk or black. It tastes and looks much like coffee, and it has similar effects without it being addictive. Enjoy!