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Every year thousands of dollars of damage is done to homes, forests, and apartment complexes because people don’t know the rules of safe charcoal grilling. The tips below will help prevent you from causing damage while you’re grilling.

1. Your grill needs to be stable and not wobbly.
2. Put your grill where the sparks won’t fly in the direction of people, furniture, or buildings.
3. Wear a heavy apron to prevent burns.
4. Don’t use more charcoal than you need for the moment.
5. Make sure your ask kettle is attached to the grill.
6. Always put water on the coals when you’re finished grilling.
7. Don’t store or travel with your propane container in any position but upright.
8. Don’t ever grill in a space that’s confined.
9. Don’t use lighter fluid or gasoline for grilling.
10. Once the fire’s started, don’t add more fuel.
11. Don’t charcoal grill inside. The carbon monoxide gas that builds up when grilling is fatal.
12. Do not discard charcoal ashes until you’re sure they are not burning.
13. Don’t put used charcoal in any container that’s combustible.
14. Line the bottom of your grill with foil.
15. Use long matches for igniting the charcoal.
16. If you use an electric starter, always place it on surfaces that are not combustible, such as bricks.

Using the above tips will help keep you and your family and friends safe from accidents around charcoal grills.