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If you're the type who can't start your day without an espresso from your local coffee shop, have you ever thought about making your own espresso? Making espresso may seem difficult at first, but with the proper equipment, it's fairly easy once you get the routine down. And it can save you a bundle of money in what you're paying for your morning stop at the Starbucks down the street.

1. You need a steam espresso machine, which will generate enough pressure for your espresso in order to produce the intense flavor that is typical in good espresso.

2. Grind your beans at home. If you grind your coffee at home, you'll produce a fresher coffee. Coffee for espresso needs to be finely ground. If this is done in the store, it typically goes stale after a few short hours. Plus, the delicious cream foam that forms on the top of your espresso will not be produced if the espresso is not properly ground.

3. Make sure the grind isn't too fine or too coarse. If the coffee grounds aren't fine enough, there will be too much fluid in your grounds. If it's overly fine, you won't have enough fluid and the coffee will be excessively bitter. To ensure a high quality ground with the best amount of fluid and the proper level of bitterness, you want to have grounds somewhere in between fine and coarse. You may have to try grinding a few beans several times before you set your grinder to the proper setting.

4. The espresso machine will do the rest. You want a high quality product that will be the perfect espresso for you. Making your espresso is a matter of deciding what you like in espresso and making that espresso precisely to match your taste buds and needs.