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Cooking with a Crock Pot is as easy as 1-2-3. First, place the recipe ingredients into the Crock Pot. Second, plug the Crock Pot in and turn it on to the desired setting. And, third, when your meal is finished cooking, simply place it on the table and watch your family dig in to your scrumptious home-cooked meal. They will think you stood at the stove for hours preparing this banquet for them.

But, no, you simply used your Crock Pot and saved time and energy while you were at it. Plus, since the Crock Pot doesn't heat-up your entire kitchen in the summertime, you saved energy costs there too.

Crock Pots let you spend your precious time doing other things than cooking. And all the while you can feel good in knowing that your family will have a delicious home-cooked meal that evening.

What can you cook in a Crock Pot? A better question would be, what can't you cook in a Crock Pot? The one-dish meal ideas are astoundingly endless!

Are you in the mood for chicken tonight? Try a recipe for "Chicken Wings in Barbecue Sauce", or "Chicken and Rice in a Bag." Or maybe you are in the mood for a Far East cuisine. Try making some quick and easy "Chicken Teriyaki" or "Chicken Chow Mein."

Change your mind and would rather have beef tonight? No problem. "Corned Beef and Cabbage" or "Peppered Meat Loaf" will fit the bill nicely.

Maybe a nutritious, low-fat vegetable dish would be more preferable. Are you growing green peppers in your vegetable garden? You could make delicious "Stuffed Green Peppers" in a flash right in your Crock Pot. Or how about a "Sweet and Sour Green Bean" dish?

And, let's not forget the versatile potato: either "Sweet Potato Casserole" or "Cream Cheese Potatoes" would make a scrumptious side dish.

Do you or does someone in your family love the taste of freshly-baked bread? Some Crock Pots, such as the "Rival Stoneware Slow Cooker", has accessories that you can purchase separately. One handy accessory is the "Bread N' Bake Pan." This pan allows you to bake taste-tempting breads and cakes, (even cheesecake!), right in your Crock Pot without using your cookstove oven.

From a hearty main dish to a creamy cheesecake dessert, the versatile Crock Pot can do it all!

You can purchase Crock Pot recipe books or surf the Internet in order to find tons of recipes that you and your family are sure to enjoy! And, you will enjoy the extra time that you save in the kitchen!