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From Bad Cook to Good

My meals ought to taste great. I put in the best ingredients, for example, red bell peppers and green onions. Look. Here’s Greek olive juice--that tastes good. I’ll add it to this dish.

That’s how I always cooked. The only problem was my dishes always came out gray in both flavor and color.

Now I've learned a trick to cook vegetables so that you can taste their special flavors. Many of you probably already know this information, but the rest of us will uncover a new facility to cook that was buried under gray gruel.

First of all, sauté EITHER onion or garlic, not both. Who would have guessed? Then add only ONE vegetable. Add salt and STOP adding ingredients.

Enjoy tasting the unique flavor of each vegetable.

Add other ingredients one at a time as you taste what they do. The above information came from my son-in-law who’s an informal gourmet chef on the side. The idea at the beginning of this paragraph is mine. But I have to be very careful. I put in only a few (too many) great ingredients into a dish I made yesterday, and guess what, it came out gray.