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The first thing that a coffee amateur must learn is that good coffee requires time. Instead of dunking a spoonful of instant coffee into a mug of boiling water, stirring it around for a couple of seconds, and then gulping it down, you must follow the instructions on the coffee packet for best results. The instructions will usually tell you to let the flavor spread through the mug for a couple of minutes for the best taste - follow that advice!
If you are braving the world of coffee conoisseurs and making your own coffee with a coffee machine, follow the instructions carefully. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to put water in the top of your espresso machine. Otherwise your machine will make strange noises, and could explode! Also, the amount of coffee you use is dependent on the outcome of the strength - For instance, if you fill the coffee scoop attachment halfway, as compared to fully, you will have a rather weak coffee - it's up to you!
One of the best parts of coffee-drinking is the aroma. Nutty, strong, with a hint of chocolate - the final blend is your choice, but the aroma seems to unleash a part of you that causes relaxation to prevail. This is another good reason to let the coffee beans infuse through the room - it's great stress relief!
Whatever you do when you're making coffee, whether it be an amateur instant or a conoisseur -ccino, enjoy!