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Cooking directions: Wrap tightly. Drive 3 hours at 55 mph.

Planing a long drive? What do you think about having your car do the cooking for you? Using your car as an oven is a unique way to get the most out of a gallon of gas, but it is also a way to have a hot meal ready for you after a long drive.

As a young Boy Scout, I had an experience I will never forget. Our Scoutmaster Sgt. Anderson, was an active duty army noncom (who made the best scoutmaster a group of young boys could have) was delayed on a Friday afternoon when we were supposed to be going on a weekend stay at a local scout camp. The delay meant that we would not arrive at the camp site until late that night and would have to be up late if we were to eat dinner before going to sleep. That also meant a total disruption of our schedule of activities for the weekend.

Sargent Anderson had other ideas.

Getting a roast, some onions, potatoes and carrots from our supplies, he began to work. There on the hood of the car he cut the meat and vegetables, wrapped them in aluminum foil, then put them in a long oval roasting pan. After getting a wire coat hanger which he used to securely attach the roasting pan to the exhaust manifold, he closed the hood and said; Let's go!

After a three hour drive to the campgrounds our meal was cooked to prefection. In addition we were on schedule and didn't miss a beat. I've used this trick from time to time but I've never matched Sgt. Anderson's knack for perfect timing. And besides, the speed limit now is 70 mph and that really destroys my timing!