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As you may know it is not an easy task to be a vegetarian in today’s society. Going out to eat is supposed to be a fun time, but staying vegetarian is not easy. In order to make it easier on you as a vegetarian there are several tricks to survive while being a vegetarian.

If you go out to a Chinese restaurant there is no doubt that you will be able to find something to eat. Vegetable fried rice, vegetables and bean curd, and vegetable lo mein are some common dishes you might order. In case you don’t know bean curd is tofu prepared in a deep fryer or sautéed. Bean curd is a great dish for vegetarians but many think that it is meat.

Problems may arise when you go to an American restaurant like Chili’s, TGIF, or Bennigans. There is no need to worry because there is plenty that is not on the menu that you can order. You can ask the waiter to have them sauté some vegetables and ask for some tortillas and rice. This is a great, cheap dinner. Another thing you can ask for is the quesidillas without the chicken or beef. Ask for some extra vegetables and maybe some cheese on the side.

If you are stuck going to a steak restaurant, you do not need to panic. Try ordering a medley of their sautéed vegetables and a baked potato. Some of these items may not be on the menu but the waiter will have no problem asking the chef to prepare something special for you. Also try ordering the pasta dishes without the meat. They will always try to do whatever it takes to please the customer so go ahead and ask for whatever you want.

When you are going to fast food restaurants and you would like to get something without meat you can try these ideas. At Mcdonalds, try ordering the big Mac with no meat. This is similar to a grilled cheese, but it has the special sauce. At Schlotzky’s you can order the cheese pizza with a Caesar salad on the side. At Wendy’s a good vegetarian item is the Caesar Pita with some fries.

If you are at home and you are having trouble thinking of some vegetarian dishes there are some excellent ideas for company or just yourself. The classic pigs in a blanket are great for all day snacks. Get some vegetarian hotdogs and wrap them with some Pillsbury dough and it makes a great snack. Another good vegetarian meal is spinach lasagna. Get a good meat lasagna recipe and substitute the beef with spinach and it makes a great meal.

Another great vegetarian dish is a broccoli and cheese rice casserole. Get some Campbell’s broccoli and cheese soup and mix it with some rice, and then bake it. This is an easy dish to prepare and it is a tasty treat.

All of these ideas should make it easier for you as a vegetarian, or for those of you who are trying to please a vegetarian eater. Do not give up being a vegetarian.