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Half of the battle in getting children to eat healthy snacks is having them ready and waiting when the kids are hungry. Next time your kids want a snack, try one of the following:

- Mix a few different kinds of cereal in a plastic bag. Add 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. Your kids will love the taste and there is much less sugar than in a regular sugared cereal.

- Keep jello squares on hand. Let the kids top with raisins, mandarin oranges, etc.

- Make fruit skewers with grapes, strawberries, apple chunks, etc. Let them dip this into a mixture of honey and yogurt for a sweet snack.

- Instead of "sugar water" popsicles, make your own out of orange juice. Pour into popsicle container and freeze.

- Let them try thinly sliced peanut butter on apples or wheat crackers. Top with raisins.

- Instead of high-fat chips try a granola or trail mix when they want something crunchy. Experiment with different combinations to see which your kids like best.

- Next time you have some extra watermelon, make watermelon balls and freeze. The kids love eating the little balls, and they are a great treat when the weather is warm outside.

- Next time you have an over ripe bananna, wrap in cellophane and freeze. Let your kids dip in a fruity sauce.