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Hawaii is known for its unique climate among the states of the United States. That provides an excellent place for certain crops to grow. If you’re visiting Hawaii, you’ll certainly notice these crops around. They are vibrant and thriving.

· Sugar cane. The original settlers in Hawaii brought sugar cane with them. It was known throughout Polynesia that Hawaii was prime ground to grow sugar cane. Hawaiians used different types of sugar cane for foods, medicine, and cultural rituals. Hawaiians typically chewed on the stalk as a sweet treat or squeezed juice from the cane. Now, Hawaii’s biggest buyer of sugar cane are people in the United States. Sugar sales today reach $500 million each year for the state. The cane led to the plantation system of farming which is now prevalent in the islands.
· Pineapple. Pineapple is the second biggest crop in Hawaii. Don Francisco Marin, a Spanish farmer, brought the fruit trees to the island in the 1820s. They’ve been a part of the culture ever since. Today, they are sold to U.S. merchants and to the Dole pineapple plant in Oahu. Dole actually owns the entire island of Lanai and farms pineapple there.
· Rice. Hawaii’s climate is also ripe to grow rice. And they certainly do grow the crop! Rice is also one of the main crops on the island and is exported across the globe.
· Macadamian nuts. These nuts were imported from Australia, but grow just fine in Hawaii. The sweet nuts are considered some of the most delicious nuts created.
· Papaya and passion fruits. Fruits abound on the islands. That’s no surprise. Many delicious and juicy fruits are grown here.
· Kona coffee. The only place where coffee is grown in the United States is in Hawaii. You can find it on the hills of the Big Island’s Mauna Loa. It’s a very desired coffee in the states and around the world.