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If you feel tired day and day out, then its time to take stock of your energy. This is not just about re-charging your batteries. Its about weighing your balance of energy drainers and energy boosters. If your drainers are more than your boosters, your metabolism is fused. Energize yourself by reducing and eliminating wasteful leakage of energy. Put the zing back into your life by topping up with energy boosters.

Naturally occurring boosters are actually fewer in numbers. This explains why fatigue is a common complaint. You will feel energetic if you have sound nutrition, exercise and sleep. Identify your energy sappers and turn your life around.

Carbohydrate in food is metabolized to release energy. Proteins and other chemicals are assimilated into our body. We are what we eat. If we eat healthily, we live healthily. Fast foods don't release fast energy. In fact they actually slow down and decrease metabolism. They contain artificial additives, flavorings and preservatives which interfere with our metabolism. Fast food, fast meal, fast asleep.

There are factors affecting our energy levels. In a breeze, they are your lifestyle, attitude, diet supplements and exercise. If you're used to a sedentary lifestyle, then your body will only supply enough to meet your level of energy. Exercise comes in to boost your energy by stimulating your body to produce more energy. Gradually, your metabolism quickens to dissipate a higher level of energy which may be released as heat although you may be in a resting state.

Always eat fresh. Fresh food contains more nutritional value and energy. Consume cooked food quickly as decomposition decreases the energy level of food. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help the body in its chemical reactions of metabolism. They facilitate release of energy, hence they are energy boosters.

The biggest booster is YOU! You are the key to maintaining a healthy life-style. Your attitude helps you to take stock of yourself. You can change your energy levels.

Energy sappers are like leeches draining away your life-force without your permission. The simplest and most surprising fault is insufficient fluid intake. This retards the combustion of food and less energy is released.

Sweets overload your sugar level to make you feel sleepy. Instead of boosting, the make you feel sluggish.

Eyestrain makes you feel tired physically. Eyestrain can do away a giant.

Fear and stress are negative forms of energy.Energy is just lost without visible work done.

Environmental factors stealing your energy are noisy colleagues, pessimistic people, dull environment, drudgery of routines and overwork.

Energize yourself today. Take charge of your energy boosters!