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Have you ever put salad dressing on your potatoes? Or spaghetti sauce on your chicken? How about mozzarella cheese on your green-beans? If not read on, for your missing out on many culinary masterpieces! And even if you have done the above… keep reading, for I’m sure I’ll give you ideas you’ve never thought of before.

Creative cooking is all about mixing things together that will taste good but are not readily apparent. Think real hard about your favorite food, now free associate and imagine the next food that comes to mind, chances are these two items should be combined. Just because it is out of the norm does not mean that it won’t taste good. Think about french fries and mayonnaise, it is not normal in America, but the Germans love it!

Another important thing to remember is that the food does not necessarily have to be fattening. One of my favorite recipes takes only ten minutes to prepare, and ten minutes to bake, and is absolutely delicious! I take an instant angel food cake (boxed) and cook it, then I cover it in low fat chocolate frosting. Next is the creative part, I take cherry filling, the kind that you buy for pies, and cover the cake in it, then warm it up. Although the ingredients seem obvious, have you ever had that?

Your creative license will allow you to do anything you want, such as adding sugar to your steak, this is amazingly good, despite the fact that most people would curl their lip to such an idea. You can also put sugar on your chicken or just about any other kind of meat (except fish).

So get started, and have fun… remember just let your imagination run wild!