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Not many people are aware that coffee grows on trees. Usually, the trees are pruned to retard vertical growth and this encourages horizontal growth spreading out the branches. This makes good economical sense and cents as the fruit needs to be harvested by hand.

The coffee fruit are cherries. One is surprised to find that coffee beans are contained within bright red coffee cherries. They look like red grapes. The green coffee beans are found in the center of each coffee cherry. A cherry usually contains only two precious coffee beans.

Coffee is made from coffee beans in a process. There are two methods of processing the beans to get coffee. We can use either the dry or wet method. In the dry technique, coffee cherries dry naturally while still attached to their trees. This is a slow wait as tropical climate is uncertain. The drying may be hampered by wet weather. A drier coffee bean will yield better coffee than a less dry one. The quality of coffee will depend on how dry the beans are. This also means that the quality of coffee from every harvest varies from season to season.

The processed coffee beans are then ground to become coffee powder for easier and quicker brewing.

The wet method of harvesting is also unable to guarantee the quality of coffee. Its is because the processes involved are highly volatile and great skills are needed to produce a standard quality. Here, the coffee beans are separated from the cherries and then fermented in huge fermentation tanks for 1-2 days to ripen the beans. Then, the beans are dried under the sun. A larger area of drying ground is required. Workers have to rake and turn over the beans to ensure even drying. The ripening and drying processes are very important as these determine the quality of the coffee.

A coffee tree can only yield about a pound of coffee beans annually. Coffee is a precious commodity. This makes me enjoy the aroma and brew of my coffee deliciously.