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Coffee is popular around the globe, whether you're a casual coffee drinker or a connoisseur. Here's a list of coffees from various countries and what they taste like.

Central and South America. These coffees typically have light or medium bodies and lots of flavor. Beans from Costa Rica generally have a tangy aroma and are medium in body. Beans from Guatamala have more rich and fully flavors, compared with other Central and South American beans. Colombian coffees generally have more acidic qualities and taste somewhat "snappy." Beans from Mexico generally are quite light in flavor and are found in the popular high Sierra mountains.

East Africa. Coffees in East Africa have brisk, refreshing traits, as well as nice warm flavors. Coffee in Yemen is generally smooth and delicate and has nice aromas. One particular coffee popular from Yemen is Arabian mocha. This coffee is sometimes blended with Java beans to provide a completely unique taste. Coffee from Kenya takes on a very hearty flavor. The tastes are generally deep in floral or red wine flavors.

Indonesia. Coffees from Indonesia have somewhat exotic flavors. They typically are somewhat spicy and have deep, rich tastes. You can sense the spiciness both in the taste and aroma of the coffee. One example of a coffee from Indonesia is the Estate Java. This coffee is typical Indonesia. It has a nice spice and floral taste to it and is rich with aroma. Many Indonesian coffees are sometimes said to take on a buttery flavor, as well.