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Coffee trees from different regions in the world produce different tastes of coffee brews. Each region has its own distinct coffee family and thus, its own distinctive taste. The main coffee growing regions are Latin America, The Pacific, East Africa and Arabia.

Latin America produces coffees that range from light blends to medium-bodied flavors. The coffee flavors are clean and lively. Latin America's climate is idea; for producing consistent quality of the sour type of coffee. Some famous coffee growing countries of Central and South America are Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama.

Pacific continents like Sumatra, Sulawesi and Papua New Guinea have different types of coffee families from Latin America's. Their coffees taste full, earthy and do not carry a sour after taste. Due to their properties, Pacific coffees are also called the "heavyweights" among the coffee families. These coffees may be used in blends to provide the deeper taste. They have very low acidity and carry flavors of fruit, herbs or wine. Queer, for coffees to have such unique flavors!

East Africa and Arabia grows coffees that are mostly medium to full-bodied. They have a mixture of flavors. They are supposedly the best of the 2 worlds as they combine the crisp and clean acidity of Latin American coffees with the fruity, herbal or winey flavors from Pacific coffees. As the African continent is vast, the climate and weather varies. So does the quality of the coffees. Coffee families here produce brews from the 2 ends of the spectrum. Coffees range from fine flavors to more wild flavors like spicy flavors.

Kenya produces very fine tasting, elegant coffee. Yemen produces spicy coffee that is used in the coffee blend called Arabian Mocha Sanani.

Different coffee blends have their own secret formula for taking specific amounts of each coffee region's coffee to mix into a blend. That is why different brands of coffee produce different tasting brews of coffee. All coffees are not the same after all. It is a very personal preference that attracts your taste buds and tingles your sense to make that coffee unforgettable for you.