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A clambake is a summer feast, a perfect end to a day on the beach.

Lobsters (if in season)
Crabs (if in season)
Corn on the cob
Lots of butter or margarine
Salt and pepper
Old Bay seasoning
Chicken pieces, thin slabs of beef (optional)

Also Needed
Aluminum foil
Grill top or chicken wire

Remember that when it comes to seafood, fresher is better! Catch it yourself, or get it from a local fisherman or seafood store. You can get the seafood from the grocery store, but you’re probably going to pay more. After all, you’re shipping the seafood back from where it came.

If you get the clams yourself, wash them well. Find a nice flat spot in the sand and dig a pit about 18 inches deep and wide enough to hold all your food. Line it with rocks; then, using charcoal or wood, start a fire on top of the rocks. Let it get good and hot, then put a layer of damp (not dripping) seaweed on top of the ashes. Put the chicken wire over that, and then set the food down in layers, starting with the thickest meat and seafood on the bottom and working up to the vegetables. Put the canvas over the whole thing, and weigh it down with more rocks.

Let the clambake cook for about an hour and a half. Then get out the butter and seasonings, and dig in!