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Beer can become an expensive beverage. If one buys high quality beer, he will run out of money quickly; yet if he buys too cheap beer, his head will hurt for the rest of the week. So getting a beer for a good value is almost a paradox. It can be achieved with patience and a good eye.
The best taste for its value has to be Keystone Light. It tastes identical to its Rocky Mountain relative-Coors. Yet one can buy a 6 pack of 16 ounce Keystones for only three dollars. It has a watery taste, but is never bitter.
Another value for the cheaper beers is Icehouse. Its alcoholic content is rather high, therefore enabling one to buy less and get more. It comes with a good price, at less than five dollars for a six-pack. It's important to get Icehouse in bottles, as the aluminum from cans seems to hurt its flavor.
Bud Ice offers a tasty treat for a beer drinker on a budget. It also has a relatively high alcohol content, but has a really smooth full beer taste. Bud Ice is an excellent value and only costs around four dollars for a six-pack of bottles. Really a steal.
Stay away from Red Dog beer. It has a harsh taste and leaves a lot to be desired. It has a good price, but its taste is below average.
Miller High Life or the "Champaign of Beers" is just not tasty. It's too filling of a beer, and just not enjoyable. One can get a 30 pack for ten dollars making it cost effective if nothing else. Only drink in emergencies.
Natural Light is too watery. It tastes like Bud Light without the hops. Keystone provides a better value for the price.
This small guide should help one picking a cost-effective beer.