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Americans love champagne, but we have no knowledge of which wine is the best. I will share with you the best six champagnes.

The best six champagnes:

Taitinger Comtes DE Champagne: Vintage only. The blanc DE blanc is a light-style and elegant champagne. It has great finesse and subtle nuance and is the tete DE cuvee of Taitinger.

Dom Perignon-vintage only. Probably the most widely acclaimed champagne and deservedly so. Elegant and light, with delicate bubbles. Moet et Chandon also makes a vintage rose champagne, a vintage champagne, a nonvintage champagne and a nonvintage brut.

Perrier-Jouet Fleur, DE Champagne-Vintage only. This house produces champagne of the highest quality in a particular popular style. The wine is austere, yet tasteful. It is also extremely dry without being harsh or acidic. Perrier-jouet also makes a vintage rose champagne.

Louise Roederer Cristal-Vinatge only. Crystal magic lies in its plays with opposites: Elegant yet robust, rich taste without weightiness. Roederer also produces a rose champagne, a vintage champagne and a nonvintage brut.

Bollinger Vieilles Vignes-Vintage only. This is the rarest of all fancy, esoteric champagnes, produced from prephylloxera vines. The champagne is robust and rich. Bollinger also makes a vintage champagne and a nonvintage brut.

Krug "Grande Cuvee"-multivintage champagne. Fermentation occurs in old oak barrels with extend aging, making Krug unique among producers. Harmony of exquisite balance. Krug also produces single vintage blanc DE blanc, rose and single vineyard "clos du mesnil" vintage "blanc DE blanc"