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Sardines are some of the most valued fish around the world. This fact is surprising judging by the size of these fish and how many of them there are in the sea, but it's true nonetheless. These fish live together in large schools in temperate marine areas. They are known for living in schools numbering in the thousands in areas like the European, Australian, South African, Californian, and Chilean coasts. Sardines will only grow to about six or eight inches in length.

Why are they so popular?
Sardines are known as a delicacy to many in the United States and abroad. Because they are so desired in other parts of the world, sardines are netted thousands of them at a time. They are cleaned up and shipped to parts of the United States that don't have sardines and to other countries.
These fish are also desired as sources of food for other animals. Sardines are fed to dolphins, sharks, and other large fish that are held in captivity. They are nice snacks for these creatures whose favorite foods include fish.
Sardines are also known as a source of oil and fertilizer. People extract oil from their greasy bodies and use them for many different types of products. They work well for preparing land to grow other products.
The fact is that sardines are some of the few fish that have so many uses. That's why they're so desired. Even though supply may seem to be high (keep in mind females lay thousands of baby sardine eggs at a time), demand is even higher.