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Knowing which beer is which can help bring out the best flavor for your specific personality or taste. The beer types listed below are generally the same no matter which brand you drink.

What is a lager?

o Description: Named after its founder, Louis Lager, this drink is characterized mainly by its prominent malt and hops flavor. Are generally sweet and spicy; bright, clear in color, and have a collar of foam around the glass.
o Production: Brewing draws sweetness from the malt; hops are added during the process. The beer is then carbonated and aged over time. Lager is often bottom-fermented and becomes quite smooth and round.
o How to enjoy: Best with spicy foods (pizza, Mexican, Indian, and even seafood).

What is ale?
o Description: Ale can be bitter and spicy or malty and sweet. They can also be any color and strength.
o Production: Ale is fermented with top-fermenting yeast, usually near room temperature. It tends to have a more fruity character than a lager.
o How to enjoy: Try ale with any food that is full of flavor (grilled fish or sharp cheeses).

What is a porter?
o Description: Named for the porters at the Covent Garden Market in 18th century London, porter sustained and provided nourishment for people throughout their long days. They often come in coffee or chocolate flavors and are dark in color.
o Production: A top-fermented beer, it's brewed as a blend of three beers. At one time porter had a lengthy aging process, which made them quite sour to drink.
o How to enjoy: Porter goes with just about any meat dish (beef, chicken, or lamb). It also goes well with desserts.

What is a stout?
o Description: Stout originated in Australia and Asia. In the 1800s, a beer called Nurse Stout was thought to promote health "for invalids." It was also used to bathe newborn babies to promote clear skin, or in Irish hospitals to help nursing mothers produce milk. Stout is full-bodied and thick, with a flavor similar to coffee. It can take on many flavors including sweet, bitter, milk, or even oatmeal. Stout is usually deep black in color.
o Production: Stout is a type of ale made with top-fermenting yeast.

What is a pilsner?
o Description: Pilsner became popular in the mid-1800s in Bohemia. People liked the golden, sparkly, clear beer. Pilsners are highly hopped and full of flavor. They are soft to drink and don't have as thick of a body as other beers.
o How it's made: Brewed with hops and often have caramel malt added to give a golden color and gentle flavor.
o How to enjoy: Pilsner beer goes with nearly any meat, excluding beef, and with mild cheeses.

What is a wheat beer?
o Description: Drinking wheat beer is as close to drinking champagne as beer ever gets. Originated in Belgium, if you need a thirst-quenching beverage, you may want to try this beer. Wheat ale in itself has a taste full of citrus. Adding fruit flavoring gives a nice aroma and taste.
o How it's made: Brewed with malted wheat and barley. Yeast is used to ferment the beer. Fruit and more wheat malt are then added.
o How to enjoy: Try drinking wheat beer with a salad or with Chinese food.