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Rolex and Polo watches are very popular. These watches' popularity has led to them being sold on the black market all around the world from New York to third world countries. These fake watches look like the real things but have some very large differences. The street seller may claim to have a real product but look out for these differences.
The first thing to look for is the weight. The Rolex and Polo watches feel heavy. This is due to the quality of metal in the band. The fake watches have a light, cheap feel. This is due to the lower value metal.
Second thing a good consumer should look for is the sound the face makes when you put it to your ear. The face should make no sound on a real Rolex or Polo watch. The fake watches will have a tick tock sound that can be heard every second and with every movement of the watch.
On the face of the watch look for the symbol and how Polo and Rolex are spelled. Many black market makers of the watches will try to get around the laws by misspelling the names Rolex i.e. Rolek, Ralek, Qolek . They misspell Polo by putting Ralp Pol Lauen or just Pola. These mistakes can be hard to see, so stay alert.
The next trait one should look at is the back of the face of the watch. The real Polo and Rolex watches will have their respective symbols engraved straight onto the back of the faces. Most of the fake watches have the symbols engraved, but these engravings come at an angle.
Finally look at the band and see if any paint is being chipped off. If there is paint chipped off the band, then it is not a real watch. The real watches have no paint on the band.
Rolex and Polo watches are heavily copied. These differences will help you from purchasing an imitation.