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Managing Shyness
Shyness is usually experienced when one is in a tight situation like facing strangers and having to speak in public. There are no instant cures for shyness. Shy people can overcome shyness by managing shyness.

Practice self-therapy by writing down thoughts and fears. Examine your diary for the root of your shyness. It may be due to a situation. This is situational shyness and can be managed by finding ways to deal with the situation so that the stress is diffused and the shyness is elevated.Dealing with the causes of shyness removes the situation where shyness was.

Another way of managing shyness is to create a you who isn't shy. Forget about yourself to forget your self-conscious shyness. Prepare your speech and actions for any up-coming stressful event. Preparation will boost your confidence and remove or reduce shyness.

Make a list of conversational topics for coffee table talk. Its good to keep the talk going on neutral grounds that you feel safe on. You can talk about areas which you are knowledgeable in. Shy people can talk about their hobbies or other pet topics.It breaks the ice for them.

Shy people frighten off prospective friends.They tend to be quiet and withdrawn and this creates the wrong impression of aloofness. Manage this by remembering to smile, shake hands, listen and respond to people. Even if you can't find common ground to join into the conversation, nod your head or say some engaging remarks to agree with the other person and encourage him to talk on. Ask questions about the other person to keep the focus away from yourself.

When you find that you can trust the other person,explain that you're shy.Others will only be too eager to help you out in social situations.In fact, most people will become protective of their shy ward.

Set realistic goals to overcome shyness. It can't be overcome in a single day. As small steps and realistic goals are accomplished, the tip of the iceberg is cracked and slowly, shyness will melt away. It takes work to overcome shyness but the rewards are life enriching.