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Suede, like leather, is a hard thing to clean. There are more and more products available on the market for prevention of stains and the protection of scuffmarks, but little for getting rid of stains. Washable suede does exist, but is almost twice the price of normal suede.

To make the best of your suede garments and shoes, follow these preventive tips:

*New or newly cleaned suede should be treated with a waterproof spray to prevent the colour rubbing off, and to provide a protective coating. Test a small area first.
*Dirty or rain-soaked suede should be wiped over with a clean damp cloth and allowed to dry naturally.
*Brush up frequently with a special wire brush or suede block (available for good shoe stores).
*For serious discoloration, have the item professionally cleaned to restore both colour and oil.

*Treat new shoes with a protective suede spray.
*Fading can be improved with an overall application of coloured suede dressing, generally available only in brown, navy, black or neutral.
*When necessary, clean with a nailbrush and clean soapy water. Rinse and pat dry.
*If they get wet allow to dry naturally and then use a rubber or nylon suede brush to remove dust and raise the pile.
*Scrape off any mud while still wet and blot with a damp cloth.