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Need a new look? Think hair. Getting the correct style can make all the difference in the world. But how do you decide what style is right for you? First consider your lifestyle, then consider what face shape you have. When all is said and done, you should have selected a hair style that is tailor made for you.

How can I tell what shape my face is? Easy. First pull your hair off your face by tying it back with a pony tail. Then look in the mirror and trace the shape of your face with shaving cream. You should only trace your face along the hairline of your temples and forehead. After doing so, you will have determined if your face shape is Oval, Square, Round, Diamond, Pear, Heart, or Rectangle.

So now that I know my face shape, how can I tell which hair style is best for me? For the best cut, talk to your stylist. Not only does lifestyle and face shape matter, but also the texture of your hair. If you have thin hair, a shorter style may suit you the best. However, there are more options when it comes to thick hair as an individual can go with either a short or long cut.

Before you decide anything, do some window shopping. Look through magazines for ideas.

Also helpful, is the guide below to help you make a cutting edge decision.

· Oval Shape Face: Lucky you! Ovals are considered the ideal face shape. Therefore, ovals have the most choices when it comes to selecting a hair style. If this is you, you look good in cuts that are bobbed, layered, long or short. There are, however, considerations depending on your facial features. Bangs can accent your eyes while hair away from your forehead can balance your nose in profile view.

· Square Shape Face: Styles that round out your hair can lessen the appearance of a square face shape. Think about adding curl, angled or wispy bangs, or just a few wisps on the cheek area for this type of face. A cut that adds height at the crown is also a good idea. Wear a side part as opposed to a center part. Your hair type will also determine the best style for you.

· Round Shape Face: If this is you, work toward creating an oval appearance and lift the face. This can be accomplished by decreasing the volume at the sides and ear area. Increase height and length should be beyond the chin or just above it. A particularly flattering style is a layered shag, just remember that a side part is the most flattering of all. For a shorter cut, close sideburn wisps soften the face.

· Diamond Shape Face: To balance a narrow chin, your best look is a rounded shape with fullness at the bottom. Wide wispy bangs help to create an oval look. A great look for diamonds is a graduated bob that falls to the chin.

· Pear Shape Face: For this type, focus on a full crown at the top of the head to create symmetry with a wide jaw. Layered looks like the classic Shag are very flattering. Tuck hair behind your ear so that you diminish attention to the cheekbone area. Also, keep in mind that short hair should not pass the neckline. Meanwhile, longer looks should be kept tight at the nape.

· Heart Shaped Face: Heart shape faces need a shorter, curlier style, therefore, chin length is perfect. For hearts, you want to create width around your narrow chin. Side slanted bangs work well because they draw attention away from the jaw line.

· Rectangle Shaped Face: This group should go for width and volume. Suggested styles include the wedge design for short hair. For long tresses, consider a full style that falls at, or above the shoulder. Bangs just brushing the brow area are also a great asset because they help shorten a long shaped face.