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All over America, women from all walks of life are engaged in an on-going, soul-searching, heart-wrenching struggle. They are daily faced with those unanswerable questions: should I grow it out?/should I get it cut?

Hair. It's a battle that never ends.

When it's short you think, "if only it were long, I could do different things with it every day. It could look special on special occasions."

When it's long you realize you never do anything but put it in a ponytail and you would need at least three hours of intensive tutoring from a hairstyling expert to ever make it look special for a special occasion.

So you think, "if only it were short, I wouldn't have to do something with it every day. It could have more style." And around and around she goes....

For men, this entire issue seems ridiculous. Men may sometimes question whether or not they should grow their own hair, let their beards grown in, pursue the personal grooming ease of the whole wild man look. But there is never a question in their minds about whether or not women should grow their hair. Men have a very simple philosophy of hair: long = good; short = bad.

I've been gritting my teeth through the process of growing my hair out for the past eight months. At certain points in the process I was forced to walk around in public sporting the multi-layered remains of a former hairstyle on my head; hair that could not be combed, clipped, or headbanded into submission, and yet my husband kept telling me "oh, it looks good! It's getting so nice and long!"

Uh huh.

As a generous woman who only wants her man to be as well-rounded as he can be, I'm trying to increase his hair awareness.

"Look how that woman's short bob accents her striking cheek bones and draws attention away from her double chin, dear."

"Notice how this model's short style brings out her eyes?"

He listens to me, nods in what could almost be taken for agreement until he adds, "Of course. . . it would look better longer."

I guess I won’t tell him that two years from now I’ll be back to that ‘why do I have all this STUPID hair” stage all over again.