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10 Reasons to get a hair cut at a beauty college:

1. It’s Less Expensive Than A Regular Salon. Haircuts at a beauty college vary in price depending upon the length of your hair, but start at around $8.00 for short hair, $10 for medium length hair, and $15 for long hair. This is still considerably cheaper than most salons would charge you.

2. You Are Supporting A Worthy Cause. Students who work for tips only cut your hair. By getting your hair cut at a beauty college, you are assisting the student in getting part of his or her education and experience.

3. Good Service. The students at the college are usually very eager to please. They try their best to make the customer happy. While they may not be as fast as a professional salon, they are usually very professional.

4. Manicures and Pedicures. Manicures and pedicures are offered at most beauty colleges. These start at around $6.50. Whether you want just a basic manicure, a French manicure, artificial nails or tips with overlay, they offer all of these services are reduced prices.

5. Hair Colors & Relaxers. Beauty Colleges offer a variety of hair coloring services. Whether you need corrective color or would like your hair to be bleached, the Beauty College offers a variety of services in this area.

6. Permanent Waves. A variety of permanent waves are offered through a Beauty College. They range from basic to super-conditioning, depending upon the shape your hair is in. Custom wraps are also available, such as a spiral wrap, which produces a corkscrew like curl.

7. Esthetic Services. If you are interested in getting a facial, most beauty colleges offer these services as well. Make sure to check with the staff to inquire what types of facials they do. Their prices are definitely cheaper than what a salon would charge you.

8. Waxing Services. You can save yourself some time and trouble if you enlist in the help of a beauty college to take care of your waxing needs. They can help with everything from your brows/upper lip to under your arms to your legs. Prices vary for the services so make sure to check with the staff on this.

9. Free Advice. Students at a beauty college are very much apt to promote the products that they use. After all, they are learning about them: why shouldn’t they promote them? All of the instructors are licensed and can assist the students in offering advice.

10. Excellent Hours. Most beauty colleges have evening hours. Many of the students at the college work during the day and attend the college in the evenings. You can usually schedule appointments as late as 8pm in the evening if necessary. This can really help you if you work during the day and need an appointment after-hours.

Now that you have some basic information on the services that can be performed at your local beauty college, pay them a visit and talk with them about your beauty needs. You will be happy that you did.