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Flea markets have just about everything you could ever want and need. From antique rakes for your yard to pet supplies to Coca-Cola memorabilia, you'll find it all. You can even get a pet or houseplants at a flea market. But if you're like many flea marketers, you end up coming home with a lot of things you didn't intend to buy. How do you buy what you intend to get at a flea market? Here are some suggestions.

Make a list. Before you get to the flea market, write down which items you want to find and buy and which things you want to look at and consider buying. This will keep you focused, especially if you'll be attending a huge auction or market.
Start on Friday. Look through the newspapers and flea markets that will be happening during the weekend. Use a red pen or marker and circle the ones that appeal to you. You may even want to cut them out and tape them to a piece of paper you can use for easy access as you go along during the weekend.
Pack your lunch. If you bring your lunch along, you won't have to worry about having to stop for lunch and try to find something you'd like to eat. Packing a lunch saves you time and money.
Go to flea markets alone. If you go with a friend, you are more likely to get sidetracked and spend too much time in an area you really aren't especially interested in. It can also cause problems if you're both looking for the same item, and end up fighting over who gets it.
Bring a magnifying glass. This is helpful if you're shopping for jewelry or furniture. You can better look for scratches and flaws.
Always bargain. If something is listed at one price, always go lower. You can get great deals.
Always take along a lot of one-dollar bills. If something is listed at $10, you can use the method of telling the seller that you only have five dollars. Also, many items are listed at only a dollar, and you may not be able to count on the vendors having correct change.