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Our clothes are valuable to us. Some are costly. Either way, it is tough to lose a garment to a stain. If you know what to do, many stains can be removed from washable fabrics. Washable fabrics are clothes that you wash at home, in your machine. Fabrics like cotton and polyester are washable. If you are not sure, check the label. If it is non-washable, it will have a "dry clean only" label inside.

Here is a list of common household stains, and how to remove them from washable fabrics. Hopefully this will save you a bundle of money, so you do not have to replace any stained garments.

Alcoholic Beverages

No matter what type of alcoholic beverage you spill, blot it off the fabric immediately. If you can, treat the stain before it dries. Take a damp cloth with warm water, and a little soap and gently rub the area. Then, rinse the area clean. Dry it with a hair dryer.

If you are dealing with white wine or beer that you might not be able to see, this does not mean it will not stain. It might be invisible when it dries, but it will color as the garment ages. Take the same steps as above,
even if you think the stain won't show.


Sponge the area with rubbing alcohol, or ammonia. Leave the garment sitting for awhile, then rinse thoroughly.

Baby Formula

It might sound funny, but the best stain removal for baby formula is meat tenderizer. It breaks down the protein that's in formula. Rub the tenderizer into the stain and let it sit, then wash the garment as usual.


Soak the garment as soon as possible for 2 or 3 hours. Then, wash it in cool water. Do not wash it in hot water, it will set the stain if it is not all out. If there is some left, you can try bleaching the garment, but remember it could change the color of the whole piece.

Butter, Grease or Oil

Scrape the butter off the garment with a knife to remove as much as you can. For the remainder, rub powdered detergent into the stain and wash the fabric. Repeat if necessary.


Remove the excess chocolate with a knife or something that will not embed the chocolate deeper into your fabric. Then, rub detergent into the area, and rinse the fabric out. Let cold water run over the area, then let the garment dry. The final stain should come out in the wash.

Coffee and Tea

Blot the spot out as quickly as possible, and sponge it will cool water.
Afterwards wash it as usual. If the stain remains, and the fabric can withstand hot water, boil the garment with borax. Let it soak for 30 minutes, then wash it as usual.


Harden the gum with ice first. Then pull the gum off the garment. If some remains, remove it with vinegar or peanut butter. If you use peanut butter, you might need to treat the new oil spot. (Follow directions under butter and oil.)


Hair spray can usually remove the ink, but test it on a part of your clothing first. Hair spray might harm the fabric itself. If so, try alcohol or cleaning fluid. Then, wash the garment in cold water.


Remove as much of the mustard first, without pressing it into the fabric. Then, apply glycerin and let it sit. Then wash the fabric as usual.


If it is latex paint, just wash the garment as usual. But, try to wash it before the paint dries. If it is an oil based paint, act quickly. You can try a solvent, like turpentine, but it could stain the garment another color. Test an area before using it.