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ItÆs something every overweight man has to deal with. How do you dress to impress? ItÆs not as easy as it sounds, as many people believe that overweight men arenÆt as trustworthy, dependable or intelligent as fit men. We all know that deep down thatÆs not true, but thatÆs a perception many people have. If you arenÆt losing weight as quickly as you had hoped, or if you have no plans to lose weight, you may find yourself trying to hide your weight. Here are some tips on how to do it.

ò DonÆt buy clothes that are too small. If you buy clothes that are too small and expect to be able to somehow hide your weight, youÆre kidding yourself. Buying clothes that are too small only accentuate the fact that you are fat. Tight clothes stretch and show people exactly how much fat you have.
ò DonÆt buy clothes that are too big. If you buy clothes that are too big and baggy, it will make you look fatter than you really are. ThatÆs because with baggy clothes other people donÆt see a waist line or your body at all.
ò Buy clothes your size. Your clothes must fit correctly. This is the first step to hiding your weight. Not too tight and not too loose.
ò Tuck your shirts in. By not tucking your shirts in, you not only look messy but you also look overweight. If you tuck your shirt in you create a vertical line. A vertical line is more slimming than not having one.
ò If you have a big butt, donÆt wear pants with pockets. Pockets tend to puff out the back even more than normal.
ò If you are short and hefty, donÆt wear pants with cuffs. Cuffs provide a bulkier look than perhaps you should have.
ò DonÆt wear jackets with built-up shoulders. DonÆt wear fluffy jackets at all. These jackets make you look bigger than you really are.
ò DonÆt wear body-tight sweater vests. These vests while you may think because itÆs a sweater will make you look thinner, actually make you look big because of how tight they are.
ò Wear squared-off vests. By wearing squared-off vests, youÆll look better than by not wearing one.