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Have you ever wished to have clothes designed specially for you? Are you tired of picking up clothes off the shelf just to find that they do not do justice to you? ‘Over the counter dresses’ are mass-made and therefore may not necessarily suit everyone. On the other hand, customized dresses may require skill (if you are making them yourself) or skilled tailors who will tailor them for you. Both of these options are time and money consuming. So what’s the solution? Well, you could become your own designer!

Here are some ways in which you could spruce up your existing wardrobe and create unique dresses:

1)You can mix and match various pieces of garments. You can have some basic garments like black trousers or skirts in your wardrobe and enhance it with colorful scarves and other accessories.

2)You can create different patches of fabric which are decorated with embroidery, fabric painting or patch work and you can attach these pieces of fabric on your garments. Make sure that the fabric of the patch is in a neutral colour like black, white or beige so that it matches with most of your garments.

3)You can get detachable collars and sleeves tailored. Fix a Velcro strip on them so that you can create your own dresses by attaching different combinations of collars and sleeves on the garment. If you want these detachable parts to match more than one garment, make sure to select a colour which will suit all those garments.

With a little creativity, you too can create stunning and unique dresses for yourself.