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These days most of the clothes we buy are reasonably well made and are made to last for an acceptable period of time. However, with a little more care in how we actually look after them, we can help keep them looking good and make them last a bit longer too.

There are few obvious things that we can do to help them keep looking good longer. You should always follow the instructions on the labels of garments regarding how they should be washed or ironed. This information is there for your benefit. The manufacturers of the materials have gone to a lot of trouble and spent a lot of money in finding out what are the most suitable washing temperatures. These instructions are there to ensure you get the best possible wear from your clothing, so always read your garments labels.

There are other tips and hints that can help prolong the life of your clothes. Never put clothes away that are dirty, always brush them down first. Hang clothes up while they are still warm from your body heat; this helps to stop creasing. Always fasten buttons and zippers; this helps them keep their shape. Repair clothes regularly: any loose threads or hems should be repaired as soon as possible.
If you have clothes you don’t wear very often, cover them with a dry cleaning cover to protect them from dirt and dust. If you have any silk items, make sure they are never left in direct sunlight, as this causes them to fade.

The life of some items of clothing can be prolonged if we just take a few precautions.

Trousers should be folded and placed on a solid coat hanger (NOT WIRE). To stop trousers getting creased across the legs, place a piece of foam along the bar of the hanger.
Shirts should be hung on a coat hanger preferably, if not, store in a drawer. Fasten all buttons before folding; this helps to keep the shape and prevents creasing.
Jackets should be hung on a wooden hanger that covers the width of the shoulders. Never hang a jacket by the loop for any length of time, as this causes the shoulders to be pulled out of shape.
Wet shoes should always be wiped. They can then be stuffed with newspapers and left to dry. Never leave shoes to dry near heat.
Ties should be hung on a tie-rack, or a wire coat hanger, from the inside of your wardrobe door. You should try and avoid folding and leaving them in drawers for any period of time.
Evening Dresses should always be hung inside out to keep them as clean as possible.
Hats should be stuffed with tissues and stored in boxes to prevent crushing. Felt hats need to be brushed. Straw hats that have become dirty or marked can be cleaned by brushing or scrubbing with lemon juice. The hat should then be left to dry naturally, or in the sun.
Woolen items should never be put away stained; this attracts moths. Don’t hang woolens; they should be folded and placed in drawers.
Leather items that are washable can be sponged. DO NOT IMMERSE in water. When storing, place in a cotton cover and store in a cupboard, on a padded hanger. DO NOT USE A PLASTIC COVER.
Finally here’s another couple of general tips: Any black items of clothing should be stored inside out, to avoid them picking up any fluff. Fluff or hair can be removed from clothing, by wrapping a piece of sticky tape (sellotape) around your hand (sticky side out) and dabbing over your clothing. To prevent clothes from falling off hangers, stick a piece of foam at each end. You can remove gum from clothing by placing a plastic bag of ice cubes on the gum, this freezes it and the gum can be broken off. Alternatively you can place the item of clothing in a plastic bag, put in the freezer, and then pick off the stain. To help remove a Red Wine stain, sponge the fresh stain with white wine or mineral water, then launder as instructed.

If you follow some of this advice I’m sure your clothes will look good and last longer.