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Most stores mark down their stock on a monthly schedule. Here are the months with their regular sales:

January: The best time to find discounts is after Christmas clearance and preinventory sales,costume jewelry, furs, shoes, pocket book, lingerie. These items need to be removed to make room for new items.

February: Best to buy men's wear, sports clothes and any equipment

March: Luggage, baby clothes, ice skates, ski equipment, children's shoes, baby clothes

April: Women's shoes, Fabrics, hosiery, lingerie

May: Mother's day specials, fabrics, handbags, housecoats, jewelry, luggage, shoes, sportswear

June: Father's Day specials, fabrics, lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery, men's clothing, women's shoes

July: bathing suits, children's clothing, handbags, lingerie, sleepwear, luggage, men's shirts, men's shoes, sportswear, summer clothes

August:Back-to-school specials, bathing suits, cosmetics, furs, men's coats, women's coats

September: Fall Fashions

October: Fall and winter clothing, storewide clearances, lingerie, hosiery, women's coats

November: Boy's suits and coats, lingerie, men's suits and coats. shoes, winter clothing

December: Coats, hats, shoes, children's wear,