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Leonard Rosenberg was born on February 26, 1924 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated from Tulsa Central High School and the following year he attended Northwestern University, where his major studies were speech and drama. Upon graduation from Northwestern, young Leonard moved to New York and attended Columbia University. He also joined the Neighborhood Playhouse and had voice lessons from Henri Jacobi.

In 1941, Tony Randall made his Broadway debut in the play "A Circle of Chalk." After appearing in several more plays, he went to work as a radio announcer. This job was in preparation for his next role, which was in the show "The Skin of Our Teeth." Mr. Randall didn’t get a chance to star in this role as he was drafted into the Army. He served in the armed forces for four years in the Signal Corps.

Once he was out of the service, Tony Randall went to Washington, D. C. where he directed and acted in summer stock plays. Once the summer was over, he moved back to New York and secured a radio job with Harry Morgan’s show. From there, he was back working in the theatre on a regular basis.

With the birth of television, Mr. Randall started doing television game and panel shows. He was also in the show "Mr. Peepers" co-starring actor Wally Cox. This show made him one of the most popular television actors around. Because of his popularity, he found work in the theatre, television and movies. He was also cast in a large portion of comedy roles breaking him out of the dramatic roles that he had played previously. The industry found that he was a natural for comedy. He starred opposite Rock Hudson with ease and co-starred with Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day and Debbie Reynolds, to name a few female leads.

He did an outstanding acting job in the movie "The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao." This movie was quite different than what Mr. Randall had ever done.

He has always worked and has never been without work in acting or directing. He also has made record albums, which have also been highly successful.

He has made over twenty-five movies and was in three television series: "Mr. Peepers," "The Odd Couple" co-starring with actor Jack Klugman and "The Tony Randall Show" which aired from 1976 to 1978.

In 1992, after the death of his long time wife and companion, Florence Randall, Tony found himself in love once again with actress Heather Harlan, whom he met while she was an intern at the National Actors Theatre where Mr. Randall devotes much of his time and efforts. He was hesitant to marry the young woman because of their age difference of fifty years. After several years of dating and Mr. Randall’s friends expressing their support in the union of these two wonderful people, he gave in and married Miss Harlan in 1995. She has given him two children and his greatest role is being a father.

For over twenty years, he has been the National Chairman of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation for which he is known to be an advocate for this disease. He is also known for his stop smoking campaigns and has always made his voice heard on everything he strongly believes in.