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Olivia Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948 in Cambridge, England. When she was five years old, her family moved to Australia where she grew up. She showed an interest in singing from a very young age and even formed her own band with some school friends. They called themselves the Sol Four. When Olivia was older, she sang in her brother-in-law’s coffee bar.

In 1965, Olivia entered a talent contest. She came in first and won a trip to England. After awhile Olivia’s friend Pat Carroll joined Olivia and her mother in England. The two young women joined their music efforts and called themselves "Pat and Olivia." They played in pubs and clubs throughout England. Because they were new to the British music scene, their work was lean. In December 1969, Pat’s visa expired and she had to return to Australia. Olivia stayed in England and joined the band the Tomorrows. Since this career was short lived, as the band was a flop, Olivia set out on her own to be a solo song artist. Soon thereafter, Cliff Richard invited Ms. Newton-John to be the resident singer on his successful television show in London. This was the turning point of her career. Her music hit the charts and her music became known in the late 1970’s in the United States.

In 1975, Olivia Newton-John left England and moved to the Unites States. Her album "Have You Never Been Mellow" hit the charts and her music career in the United States was off and running.

In the late 1970’s, Olivia was at the peak of her music career. It was at this time that she was asked to star in the movie "Grease" opposite John Travolta. After thirty years, this movie classic is still going strong.

She has made over five movies (both in Australia and the United States) for the big screen and three movies made for television. Since 1971, she has released over 15 albums and has had over 50 singles to hit the music charts. She has won over fifty-six awards for her music and environmental and breast cancer work.

In 1984, Olivia was married to her boyfriend of four years –Matt Lattanzi. They had one child together – a girl.

In 1992, Olivia was diagnosed with breast cancer. After she made a complete recovery, her marriage seemed to be on the rocks. In 1995, Matt and Olivia divorced.

Olivia turned back to her music career and has released several albums and has done a concert tour. She works for environmental causes and educates women about breast cancer being a survivor herself.

Olivia and her daughter reside in Australia.