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Mary Louise Streep was born on June 22, 1949, in Summit, New Jersey. She was raised in a wealthy family. In her teen years, Miss Streep dyed her hair to blond, started to wear contact lenses and became a cheerleader. She was also voted high school homecoming queen. After her complete make over, she started acting in plays at her high school in Bernardsville. She continued her acting through college where she attended Vassar College. After Vassar, she won a three-year acting scholarship to attend Yale School of Drama. After she graduated from Yale in 1975, Meryl moved to New York where she started work in the Joseph Papp’s Public Theatre. Her first movie earned her a Tony nomination in 1976. From there, Meryl moved into more films and Hollywood.

In 1978, Miss Streep married sculptor Don Gummer. They have four children and live in rural Connecticut.

Her career was on a roll until the 1990’s where she hit a few rough spots. With there being a lack of quality roles for women in films, Miss Streep started campaigning for more quality roles for women in film making. She has continued her acting career with her outstanding talent, which has carried several movies that otherwise, would have not made it past the cutting floor, which includes the movie "Music of the Heart." She made a film comeback in 1995 when she played in "Bridges of Madison County" starring opposite Clint Eastwood.

Miss Streep received her twelfth Oscar nomination in her twenty-two year acting career, tying Katherine Hepburn for the greatest total number of Academy Award nominations. She has been nominated for other awards and has won over thirty-five awards for her outstanding work in acting. Miss Streep has made over thirty-five movies for both television and the big screen. She is known as one of the hardest working actresses in Hollywood.