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Kenny Rogers was born in Houston Texas in 1938 and grew up playing a guitar and fiddle even though his family was quite poor. Starting in high school Rogers performed in a
succession of local bands with styles ranging from rockabilly to jazz, playing bass as well as singing.

Kenny Rogers has had nearly 30 years of success with folk, pop, country rock, and country pop ballads. Rogers began singing in a high school band called the Scholars which had a regional Texas hit with That Crazy Feeling. At the University of Houston he joined a jazz group called the Bobby Doyle Trio as a vocalist. Then he joined the New Christ Minstrels in 1966.

In January 1968 Just Dropped In came in at #5, and in 1969 Ruby Don’t Take Your Guns To Town and Ruben James hit #26. Something’s Burning hit #11, and Tell It All Brother hit #17 in 1970.

Some other hits of Kenny’s are:
1977- Lucille #5
1979- The Gambler #16
1980- Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer #4, Lady #1, I Don’t Need You #3
1982- Through the Years #13
1982- Love will Turn You Around #13
1983- We’ve Got Tonight #6
1983- Island in The Stream #1
1984- What about Me #15

Between 1977 and 1979 alone Rogers sold over $100 million dollars worth of records. He continued to score hits like:
1984- Crazy #1
1985- Morning Desire #1
1986- Tomb of The Unknown Soldier #1
1986 Twenty Years Ago #2
1987 I Prefer Moonlight #2
1988 The Factory #6

In 1980 Rogers began his acting career starring in The Gambler, and he appeared as the detective Mac Shayne, and in the feature film Six Pack. He has published two books called Kenny Rogers Your Friends and Mine, and also Kenny Rogers’s America. He has also opened a rotisserie-chicken fast-food franchise.