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Successful actor Joshua Carter Jackson was born on June 11, 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) His mother is casting director Fiona Jackson. Joshua also has one sister, Aisleigh Jackson, who was born five years later in 1983. Joshua’s parents are divorced, and since his mother was in show business, Joshua spent most of his childhood in Hollywood, California. However, the family moved back to Vancouver when British Columbia became a popular place to film Hollywood movies.

When Joshua was nine years old, he begged his mom to be able to become an actor, and to go on auditions. She agreed, and he soon won his first acting job, a commercial for British Columbia Tourism. Joshua’s first movie was “Crooked Hearts”, and that was followed by roles in “Andre”, “Tombstone”, “Digger” and “Magic in the Water”.
His claim to fame was in 1992, when he received a roll in Disney’s “The Mighty Ducks” trilogy. The story line was about a kids hockey team, “The Mighty Ducks”, and starred Emilio Estevez as the coach.

Joshua is currently starring in the successful WB series “Dawson’s Creek” alongside Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek. Joshua plays Dawson’s (James Van Der Beek) best friend, Pacey Witter, and is currently in love with Dawson’s love interest, Joey Potter (Katie Holmes). Pacey’s interest in Joey has been the main story line for the show's third season, and the season finale ended with them finally getting together. Joshua has been on the series since it’s beginning. Since the show began, Joshua has dated Katie Holmes and Brittany Daniel (who played Dawson’s girlfriend in the series earlier this year). He is currently single, and is living with James Van Der Beek in Wilmington, North Carolina while he is filming episodes of “Dawson’s Creek”.

Joshua has recently starred in the movie “The Skulls”, in which he played Luke McNamara. The movie also starred Leslie Bibb, who plays Brooke McQueen on the WB series “Popular”. The movie is about secret societies on Ivy League College campuses. He was also in the Stephen King movie “Apt Pupil”, “Scream 2” with Neve Campbell, “Urban Legends” with Rebecca Gayheart and “Cruel Intentions” with Sarah Michelle Gellar (star of the WB’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”). He will soon be appearing in the new movie “Gossip” with Kate Hudson and James Marsden.