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Ginger Rogers, born Virginia Katherine McMath, made her first debut into this world on July 16, 1911 in Independence, Missouri.

Ginger Rogers made her professional debut at fourteen years of age where she started working in vaudeville, which then escalated to working on Broadway. Two years later, she played opposite Claudette Colbert in a film, which launched her into stardom. She worked very hard and many long hours to be the best that she could be. Miss Rogers made acting and dancing look very easy. She was witty, funny, and energetic. She made sure that her career changed with the times as well whether it was acting on stage, in films, or on television.

With the popularity of television rising in the 1950’s Miss Rogers turned to this entertainment medium to keep her career going. She was enticed back to acting on Broadway to play the lead in "Hello Dolly." After the run of "Hello Dolly," she toured with "Mame" for fourteen months where she performed before the Queen of England.

In the 1940’s Miss Rogers toured with the USO entertaining our troops and promoting the sale of war bonds. She was the first actress to star in comedy roles in the twentieth century and was the highest paid Hollywood Star in 1945.

Miss Rogers made over eighty-five movies, made over ten television appearances, and was considered to be the perfect role model for American women.

Ginger Rogers passed away in a diabetic coma on April 25, 1995 in Rancho Mirage, California.