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On May 20, 1946, Cherilyn Sarkisian was born in El Centro, California.

Sonny Bono met Cher in a coffee shop in November of 1962. They saw each other regularly and two years later the couple was wed, although their ceremony was not legal. The couple was legally married in 1969 shortly before the birth of their daughter Chastity. Sonny was quite a few years Cher’s senior.

In 1971, the couple collaborated on their own show – The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. They were highly successful but this success took its toll on their marriage. Meanwhile Cher is still recording albums, doing the show and going on tour with Sonny. This took its toll on her health for awhile. In 1974, the couple divorced. Although they were divorced, Cher never stopped loving Sonny – they had just grown apart. Cher continued her music career and hit the top of the charts although her private life was not as glamorous.

Her second marriage was to Greg Allman on June 30, 1975, the same year the television show Cher went into production. The marriage between Cher and Greg didn’t last long because of Greg’s drug problem. They were divorced two years later.

With her music career going strong, Cher broke into acting. She surprised everyone that she really could act. She has been in made for television movies and films for the big screen. She has won quite a few awards for her achievements as an actress.

In 1996, Cher launched her directing career with the movie "If These Walls Could Talk." There have been rumblings as to another Cher television show but to date, the singer/actress is not happy with what she has been shown thus far.

In 1998, Cher was in England when Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident. She dropped everything to attend the funeral. This is also the same year that Chastity Bono went public about being a lesbian. Cher supports her daughter although she might not agree with the path Chastity has chosen for her life.

Cher is single and has two grown children – Chastity (by Sonny Bono) and Elijah (by Greg Allman).